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How to Volunteer


There are many ways to volunteer at DFES. What is your passion? What can you do? Let us know!

Below are some ways you can help.


There are may events/activities that need volunteers:

  • The "Seeds of Success" Annual Giving Campaign
  • The "Seeds of Success" Walk-a-thon and Field Day (October)
  • The "Seeds of Success" Auction (March)
  • Other fundraising talents, such as grant writing or other.


  • DFES public website ( and/or School Pages (DFES secure, internal website) content management/maintenance
  • Tuesday mornings (8-9 am): help with weekly school communication distribution
  • General technology support (hardware, networking, maintenance, Multipurpose Room sound system, etc.)
  • Graphic design expertise; large printer (at home/work) for posters/signs, promoting events
  • Photography: take pictures in classroom settings and at events for use in our promotional materials
  • Marketing, writing: Help with website, tour materials, etc.

Community Events/Community Participation

  • Help coordinating community events (family dinner nights, staff appreciation, etc.)
  • Gardening
  • School Tours (for prospective new families)
  • Volunteering in library, classrooms, main office
  • Being a Room Parent
  • Lunchtime assistance - help watching kids, directing activities on the yard
  • Food - help cater and/or organize food portion at DFES events
  • Legislative/advocacy - learn about important legislative issues locally, in Sacramento and nationally and inform DFES community about key issues
  • Misc./something to do at home: stuffing envelopes, applying stickers, sorting, etc.