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 - Breakfast: $1.50

 - Lunch: $3.00


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Pay Online with MealpayPlus, or by phone (866-438-7842).

These options allow you to pay for your child's meals in advance - pay for meals one day at a time, or purchase several meals ahead of time.  MealpayPlus also allows you to view your child's purchase history.

Pay by Check by downloading and completing the school meals prepayment form, putting cash or check in an envelope, and having your child return the form and payment to the cafeteria staff.

Checks must be made payable to "Student Nutrition Services." Please be sure to include your child's name and room number on the check.


Applications for free and reduced meals are available from SFUSD.

Our Health and Nutrition Initiative: Let's Move!

Last year, we kicked off an initiative to build a healthier community. Core to this effort is teaching our community about the importance of nutrition and encouraging all to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.


Program Highlights

   Fostering an active lifestyle

  • All students receive 100 minutes of physical education each week.
  • Many teachers do yoga in the classroom.
  • A variety of fitness equipment is available to students at recess.
  • A recess Walking Club -- took over 1 million steps last school year!


  • Health curriculum for each grade level.
  • Continuing development of the Garden Program, emphasizing "garden to table" concepts.
  • PTA meeting devoted to health/nutrition guidance.
  • Informative displays about food and nutrition in the school's main foyer.

   Commitment to healthy community celebrations

  • Creative ideas to honor birthdays in the classroom
  • Family potlucks with food from our diverse community
  • Community events that focus on activity - Walk-a-thon

Birthday Celebration Ideas


Donate a book to the school library or classroom in honor of the child's birthday. Librarian shares book with class at next library visit.

Donate plants and/or seeds to the DFES garden, in child's name. Arrange a time to plant the seeds/plants in the garden with Garden Committee or teacher.

Arrange with teacher for extra recess time.

Arrange with teacher to play an indoor or outdoor game of the birthday child's choice.

The birthday child chooses a dance for the class to learn.

Monthly birthday bulletin board in main foyer.

Graph with 12 candles, one for each month. Each candle built with slips of paper with name and date of each student's birthday.

Mystery guest reader.

Show and tell or bring in special guest.

Classmates can write something special about the birthday child, and create a "Celebrate Me" book.

Allow the child to be teacher's assistant for the day.

Birthday crown.

Decorate student's chair.

Students with summer birthdays get to do one of the above activities at half-birthday.