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Dianne Feinstein Elementary School students and staff enjoy a state-of-the-art, "green" facility located in San Francisco's Parkside District.  The DFES staff is committed to all students in their academic, creative, and social/emotional growth, with the goal of encouraging students to be responsible members of their communities. Students, staff and families proudly work together to create a happy, healthy and engaging K-5 experience.

Our School

At Dianne Feinstein Elementary we focus on teaching the whole child. In addition to strong academics, we address the social and emotional aspects of our students.


Our school supplements a standards-based education by using hands-on practices and games to reinforce skills and make learning fun, differentiation to meet students' needs, and enrichment programs.


Dianne Feinstein Elementary is only one of a handful of schools in SFUSD to adopt the Caring School Community Curriculum.

Our staff helps students develop life skills for processing emotions.

We adopted Restorative Practices to apply interventions when harm has happened, and use practices that help to prevent harm and conflict by creating a sense of belonging, safety and social responsibility within our school community.


The Stonestown YMCA administers our after school program.

In addition to the after school program, after school enrichment classes are offered (for an additional fee).

You may contact our Program Director, Olivia Nevado, at for more information.


  • Grades:  Kindergarten - 5th grade
  • Number of students:  490

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7:30-7:50 - Morning Drop Off

The DFES PTA and parent volunteers operate drop-off along Vicente Street between 24th and 25th Avenue.

Drop-off details and schedule

7:50 - First Bell / School Starts

7:50-1:50 - Instructional Day

Instructional time, recess and lunch vary by grade level

Grade level instructional schedule

1:50 - School is out

Parents can pick up kids in the schoolyard at 1:50 pm 

After 2:00 pm, children are brought ot the office and must be picked up there.

Note: After 2:20 pm, the school facility is only open to children who are enrolled in after school programs.